Art, Love, and Romance

Art, Love, and Romance

Saturday, February 13, 2020
10:00 AM-3:00 PM

Continues through March 20, 2021

Take a Tour with Wiktor Borowski at His Showroom in Germany


Join Wiktor Borowski on a tour of his showroom in Germany

Don't miss out on our largest Borowski show ever!

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Long hours for your safety and convenience.

syd entel galleries/susan benjamin glass, etc. Presents the NEW Borowski Collection

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

long hours for your safety and convenience

Love, Passion, and Perfection

For generations the Borowski family has had a fascination for glass. Their emotional excitement of the explosion of colors and zest for life that these works embody is demonstrated in each and every sculpture.

Show continues through January 2nd.

syd entel galleries and susan benjamin glass, etc. Invite Everyone to Their Holiday Open House Saturday November 21, 2020 from 10:00 AM-6:00PM

WHERE: syd entel galleries/susan benjamin glass, etc, 247 Main Street, Safety Harbor, Fl 34695

SHOW DATES: Saturday November 21, 2020-Monday November 30, 2020    

PHONE: (727) 725-1808

GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday-Friday 9:30 AM-5:00 PM, Saturday 10:00 AM-3:00 PM

Come enjoy our Holiday Open House on Saturday, November 21 from 10:00 AM-6:00 PM at 247 Main Street in Safety Harbor

We are open throughout the day for your safe shopping pleasure. Come browse and shop in comfort with no crowds to fight.

When searching for something extraordinary this holiday season look no further than syd entel galleries and susan benjamin glass. 

Celebrate with original works of art by todays finest artists in art, glass, and jewelry. From handblown perfume bottles, paper weights, vases, and bowls to functional table accessories and glassware, there is something for everyone. Our walls are filled with wonderful works of art in oil, acrylic and pastels on canvas and wood. Our jewelry cases are filled with uniquely creative hand-crafted jewelry in metal, glass, and resin.

Giving Art is a meaningful gesture. It is a treasure that can last a lifetime.           

Make it something original this holiday season and give the gift of art.

For further information, please contact Linda Gagliostro at (727) 725-1808 or [email protected].

Original artwork to be given away to honor our local Covid-19 healthcare workers.

Where:                   Syd Entel Galleries 247 Main Street, Safety Harbor, FL

Phone:                    727-725-1808

Gallery hours:       Tuesday – Fri 9:30 – 5:00   Sat 10- 3

Submission dates: July 20, 2020 – August 3, 2020

Drawing date:         August 4, 2020

Syd Entel Galleries is proud to partner with international artist Maya Eventov and her project to donate an original painting to thank and honor our 
essential front-line health care workers in our community. 

“During this difficult time for our communities and for the world at large, I would like to give back as a thank you for the efforts of our dedicated caregivers, nurses, doctors, first responders, EMT’s and other healthcare providers. They work so tirelessly to help all of those suffering with Covid-19 and it’s my hope that my painting will show them just how much they are appreciated. Beauty and nature will always prevail.”
 Maya Eventov  

Maya has created an incredible 16 x 16, 3-dimension, palette knife acrylic painting valued at $1500. Beautiful custom framing donated by Syd Entel Galleries. A drawing will be held and we are asking for nominations of any Covid-19 hero in your life. Submit the name of any doctor, nurse, first responder, EMT, or healthcare provider who has been on the front lines to show them our gratitude and support. It is time to give back.

Winner of the drawing will pick up artwork at gallery and photo will be posted at #weheARThospitalheroes.

An exhibition of Maya’s work will be will be featured through August.

For further information, please contact Linda Gagliostro @727-725-1808 or [email protected]

Syd Entel Galleries and Susan Benjamin Glass Etc. Presents Artist – Designer – Author Margaret Juul

Syd Entel Galleries and Susan Benjamin Glass at 247 Main Street in Safety Harbor
 is excited to presents this summer exhibition with 
Artist, Designer and Author Margaret Juul. 
The show hours are Monday – Friday 9:30- 5 PM and Saturday 10-3 pm. 
Tumbling underneath waves amidst effervescent aqua tones, Margaret Juul’s paintings 
are fresh and original expressions of the colors and patterns of water in motion. Her 
artistic life has always been inspired by the Sea. 
The artist uses her imagination to distill the kinetic essence of something never at rest. 
Irregular shapes of green and blue cover the canvas, reminiscent of the brilliant marine 
hues that convey water in 19th century Japanese woodblock prints. Close inspection 
reveals rough, textured surfaces from the thick application of media on linen, including 
oil, acrylic and oil pastel, reiterating the earthly and organic nature of her subject. 
After training in fine art studies at Chicago’s Columbia College, she furthered her 
advanced education in interior design at The International Academy of Design and 
Technology.   By 2007, she had accumulated an extraordinary portfolio, as well as 
acceptance into the prestigious International Interior Design Association; specializing in 
color, custom textiles, décor and fine art selection.  
Margaret‘latest accomplishment is the publication of her book which has been 3 years 
in the making. A Love Letter to Home  The Art of Creating your Nest explores various 
methods, philosophies and tools to teach the reader strategies for creating the ideal 
space for life, work and play — a home.  
For further information, please contact Linda Gagliostro @727-725-1808 or 

New Exhibition – Silver & Gold

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Syd Entel Galleries & Susan Benjamin Glass presents a group show of innovative artists creating art,glass and jewelry featuring the beauty and glamour of gold and silver.

Gold and silver leaf techniques have been used for centuries in art and design.
The reflective quality and textured crackled detail of gold and silver leaf add elegance and glamour.

The Collection includes the art of Lun Tse, Nakisa Seika, Alexys Henry, Glass Artist Randi Solin and jewelry artists, So Young Park and Sarah Richardson.

Meet Lun Tse

     Born in Hong Kong, China in 1964, Lun Tse grew up in a bustling family. One of ten siblings, including a twin brother, Tse’s parents named their son “Lun” which translates to “dragon” in English, thus destining their son for greatness. Tse’s work — which melds bold, rich color, thoughtful brushstrokes and delicate imagery brings to mind this traditional Chinese symbol, a creature both possessing elegance and commanding power.

In 1967, Tse’s family relocated to the lively borough of Chinatown in San Francisco. They then moved to Salinas, California, a decision that prompted Tse to explore his artistic talents. In Salinas, his twin began writing, which sparked Tse’s own innate desire to create. He began drawing intricate illustrations to accompany his brother’s unique stories.

In high school, Tse focused primarily on his art classes and received a scholarship post-graduation. Immediately thereafter, he relocated to Tampa, where he began experimenting with a variety of mediums and subjects. With the help of instructional art books, Tse polished his craft and used his expanding knowledge to pursue freelance projects on the side. He considered each venture an opportunity to expand his prowess as both an artist and a professional in his field. Ever persevering, Tse won numerous festival awards during this period, and even had his work featured at a number of posh Boca Raton galleries. Tse was quickly hired as an Art Director for a Tampa art company. The experience gave him a greater appreciation for the painstaking process behind fine art construction, and the delicate details that make individual pieces special.

Throughout Tse’s years as an artist, he has discovered the unique technique of sponge painting. This technique provides a different and unique dimension of painting he could not achieve with a traditional brush. He is a master of sponge painting and has published several instructional books on this subject.

Other books he has published include: Painting Murals Fast & Easy, Painter’s Quick Reference – Trees & Foliage, Painter’s Quick Reference – Landscapes, and Sponge Painting all by North Light Publications.

Tse’s work has been displayed at many nationally and internationally acclaimed trade fairs and fine galleries. His pieces, often large-scale landscapes or floral motifs, possess a dreamlike quality that is mesmerizing, but precise. Tse’s breathtaking style is marked by hazily blended vibrant colors and wispy brushstrokes. Each piece he creates has its own special story that often recalls Tse’s diverse upbringing, spanning two very different continents and cultures.

“I find great satisfaction in creating artworks that are done well,” Lun says. “To have them well received by any audience brings a total sense of accomplishment. When a collector takes my artwork for their own to enrich their homes — this gives me a sense of contribution.”

Tse currently lives and works creating fine art in Atlanta, GA.

Exclusive Event Coming Up! Alex Sepkus Jewelry Trunk Show

Meet Candace Edelman G.G.
COO & Stone Buyer for Alex Sepkus

Come enjoy this rare opportunity to explore a diverse sampling of Alex’s masterfully crafted gold and platinum jewelry,
gathered in one place.

Saturday March 7th 11-5 PM
Sunday March 8th 12- 2PM

The event is open to the public.
R.S.V.P – Linda at 727-725-1808 or [email protected]

Hessam Abrishami – Exclusive release to Syd Entel Galleries

Celebrating 45 Years as a professional Artist,
Hessam Abrishami is bringing an exclusive release to Syd Entel Galleries
“Autumn of Beauty”
One of his largest limited editions to date
52″ x 84″ Edition of 75

Hessam is a master of vibrant colors, dynamic compositions and powerful expression.
His new collection of paintings, prints and bronze sculptures now available for purchase.
The show continues through March 14th
For further information contact [email protected]

Meet the Artist: Hessam Abrishami

Seeking a society free from the limitations of modern day Iran, Hessam left his home country to expand his knowledge and awareness of the outside, changing world. Following the great influence of the ancient history that surrounded him as a child, his quest to excel as an artist took him to Italy, one of the historically great epicenters of the art world. He began his higher education in Pietro Vanucci, at the Accademia di Belle Arti and perfected his craft diligently, leading to 20,000 private collectors world-wide, over $60 million in sales, hundreds of one-man gallery shows, over 25 international exhibitions, and multiple works in museums.

Like all artists, Hessam’s works convey a unique view of the world, colored by his individual beliefs and experiences. Hessam is deeply optimistic — he believes strongly in the goodness of people and this world, which is reflected in not only his art, but in his personal values. When asked if it is difficult to see a favorite painting leave in the arms of a collector, possibly never to be seen again, Hessam has said, “No, I have enjoyed making it and now I want it to bring happiness to someone else.” For Hessam, artwork does not belong solely to the artist, but also to those who enjoy it. Hessam’s approach to art is intuitive and free by nature, yet disciplined by his strong foundation in artistic fundamentals.
Inspiration comes from any and all interactions that happen with and around him. This is all encompassing; life, people, animals, love, romance, intimacy, beauty, dance, music, celebration. As Hessam says, “Basically everything that makes me feel good is what I strive to deliver to others with my work.”

When asked if it is difficult to see a favorite painting leave in the arms of a collector, possibly never to be seen again, Hessam has said, “No, I have enjoyed making it and now I want it to bring happiness to someone else.” He goes on to express that the artwork does not belong solely to the artist, but in fact, it belongs to the people. Hessam’s art is his way of helping to make the world a free and joyful place. Hessam’s approach to art is intuitive and free by nature, yet disciplined by his strong foundation in artistic fundamentals.

Hessam Abrishami has diligently worked from his early years to gain the freedom and education necessary to make his life’s vision come true. Hessam currently has over 20,000 private collectors world-wide and has exhibited in over 100 One-Man Gallery Shows, over 25 International Exhibitions, and multiple Museums. Hessam was recently presented with the “Key to the City” of Ormond Beach, Florida where his work is currently displayed in the Museum of Arts and Sciences. Hessam has also been invited by the American Liberty University in association with California Polytechnic University in Pomona to receive an Honorary Doctorate to commemorate his achievements as a fine art painter.

Hessam’s art has become much more than a grand collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures. It has become a legacy. The inspiration, passion and beauty of his art are just a few reasons why his work is so widely collected.

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