2024 Show Schedule

Show continues through Feb 3, 2024


Saturday February 10, 2024  5-7PM

Meet Internationally Renowned Artist Hessam Abrishami

Join us for an evening of love , romance and beautiful art!

Come watch Hessam paint live! Show continues through March 16, 2024



Saturday March 2, 2024  11-6 PM     Sunday March 3, 2024  11-3PM

A Special One Weekend Event not to be missed!

Alex Sepkus Jewelry Trunk Show




Saturday March 23, 2024   5-7PM

Celebrating the Human Form!

Meet the Artist Estella Fransbergen – raku fired clay torso with gemstones

On display the artwork of Jurgen Gorg .





                                                      Show continues through April 30, 2024

Garden of Imagination

One and all invited to our Holiday Open House! Come shop the Garden of Imagination, art, glass & creative jewelry! Show continues through January 6th.

One and all invited to our Holiday Open House!

Come shop the Garden of Imagination, art, glass & creative jewelry!

Show continues through January 6th.

Celebrity Pop!

Syd Entel Galleries and Susan Benjamin Glass at 247 Main Street in Safety

Celebrity pop clip art

Harbor invite you to POP-IN, bring friends and share a smile

with one of your favorite icons!

Opening Reception Saturday September 23rd, 5-7PM

Show continues through October 28th.


Celebrity Pop Show

The interest in celebrity portraits has been around since the work of the early Masters. Artists gain inspiration from everything they see and they have shown us many different ways to represent people.

Inspired by popular culture from movies, television, music, politics and art, these artists bring to life the beauty, glamour, and interest in our Pop Icons that we have worshiped and loved for years. Celebrity muses have inspired some of the world’s greatest artists, Warhol and Monroe, Hepburn and Avedon.

This curated show brings together original mixed media and giclee artwork of Craig Alan, Srinjoy, Nemo, original pastels of Loriann Latremouille, the ceramics of Noi Volko and glasswork by the Borowski’s.

The show is open to the public.


For further information, please contact Linda Gagliostro @727-725-1808 or [email protected]

Space For Art

Space for Art

We’re proud to welcome to the gallery, Veteran NASA astronaut, Nicole Stott.  Nicole is working now to creatively bring together her love of Space and Art. An artist herself, she is a cofounder of the Space for Art Foundation whose mission is uniting a planetary community of children through the awe and wonder of space exploration and the healing power of art.


Susan Benjamin and Nicole Stott have curated an “out of this world” art exhibition with original paintings, prints, and jewelry by Nicole – including the first watercolor painted in space, and artwork by other NASA astronauts and historian artists, original Apollo Mission space photography, as well as art spacesuits created through the Space for Art Foundation’s “Spacesuit Art Project”.  Show continues through September 9th

Glassy & Glossy Summer Showcase!

Opening Reception Saturday July 8th 10-3PM

Show continues through August 12th.


  Glassy & Glossy Summer Showcase!

The show brings together a group of artists that love the look and feel of shiny things. Working in glass they create highly polished, smooth reflective forms. Some artist work with pigments and use layers of resin to give their paintings the look of glass and some work on a metal where they grind the surface to bring forth reflective textures and then add color. Featured artists: Andrea Dasha Reich, Nakisa Seika, Scott Hartley and more…

Introducing the Elements of Summer

Elements of Summer

Syd Entel Galleries and Susan Benjamin Glass at 247 Main Street in Safety Harbor presents the Elements of Summer, an exciting group show featuring the works of different artists in art, glass and jewelry. Each artist with a distinctive style and all takes inspiration from the “Elements” surrounding them. Opening Saturday May 6th 10- 3 p.m.


Varney Forest Light
Varney Forest Light










Brett Varney has had a career in art for over 33 years. Working in oil pastels and with gold leaf his inspiration comes from the deep colors and majestic inspiring landscape of British Columbia where he lives.












Star Mortezavi is fascinated by the blending of colors; the fluidity and visual pleasure that comes with observing the organic and natural flowing patterns. Her large paintings swirl with motion and layers of texture rise from the canvas.

Also, on display you’ll find Alexys Henry’s abstract acrylics paintings are a palette of soft colors with hints of shimmer in silver and gold. The cloud-like imagery gives a feeling of calm and tranquility.


Margaret Juul’s compositions are fresh and original expressions of the colors and patterns of water in motion. Captured in visual art as an unwavering hold on her spirit — with fluidity, intuition and reflective volatility.


Schuster The Wave
Schuster The Wave










Lisa Schuster oil paintings are uniquely different. She creates on a metal working different tools she roughens the surface to create a unique shimmering texture. Her Water and Wave Series is full of reflection and movement.


Applebaum Glasswork
Applebaum Glasswork










Leon Applebaum has been working in glass for the past 35 years. He has developed glass blowing techniques that captivate the fluid energy of hot glass, using fire, air centrifugal force, gravity, and tools to push and pull the glass. He uses transparent colors, so the light passes through and brings out the pure beauty and essence of glass.

Leppla-Seascape Vase
Leppla-Seascape Vase

David Leppla’s Undersea Vessel Series explores the flowing and ebbing motion of ethereal fronds of sea grass swaying under the sea. The artist incorporates in his glass blowing a variety of glass cane and millefiori to create these rich transparent layered compositions.

Helen Zarin: Bursting with Color

Welcome Helen Zarin:  Bursting with Color


Syd Entel Galleries and Susan Benjamin Glass at 247 Main Street in Safety Harbor presents the artwork of internationally known artist Helen Zarin.  Opening Reception Saturday March 25th, 2023  Show runs through April 22

Helen Zarin’s creative journey has progressed for over 30 years.  Her work with mixed media, oil and collage is sophisticated yet vibrant and playful. Her subject matter incredibly diverse includes figures, faces, landscapes and flowers. Ever evolving her new Vision Series shows off an impressionistic abstract style bursting with colors. This new incredible collection of works is a show not to be missed!

Born in Shirae, Iran in 1970, Helen Zarin can remember beginning to paint at the early age of five.  Showing talent, her influential family encouraged her to invest in her artistic endeavors. Helen was recognized by the Iranian Society and earned many national awards for her works. Conditions in her native country eventually compelled Helen to turn elsewhere for creative nourishment.

Helen continued her education here in the United States and her career as a professional artist has flourished. She is represented in galleries throughout, Canada and the USA.




An Exclusive 2 Day Event Jewelry Trunk Show  

jewelry by Alex


Syd Entel Galleries and Susan Benjamin Glass etc. at 247 Main Street

in Safety Harbor are excited to bring back the exquisite jewelry designs of artist Alex Sepkus.                                  

Trunk Show Hours

Saturday March 4th 11-6 PM

and Sunday March 5th 11- 3 PM

R.S.V.P – Linda at 727-725-1808 or [email protected]

Set up your Appointment now!


A master of design and a true original in today’s world, Alex Sepkus is first a craftsman whose priority is beauty, whose insight and passion for his work are his driving force in life and whose abilities lie within his hands.




Introducing Internationally Known Artist Maya Eventov

Syd Entel Galleries and Susan Benjamin Glass at 247 Main Street in Safety

Harbor is excited to welcome back internationally known artist

Maya Eventov to the gallery.

Eventov Working2

A Meet the Artist Reception will be held on

Saturday February 11, 2023 5-8 P.M.

Maya Eventov grew up in Leningrad in the former Soviet Union. St. Petersburg, as it is now known, is a city fabled for its beauty and culture. At a very young age her parents introduced her to the great artistic treasures of the city. Countless hours were spent at the magnificent Hermitage Museum studying the works of great masters.

She worked on her education and after graduating in 1987 with a master’s degree in graphic design, she began working as an illustrator for children’s books. Maya took advantage of the fall of the Iron Curtain by travelling, exploring the lands of her dreams. In the early 1990s she immigrated to Canada. Here she found an immediate appreciation for her artwork and quickly became involved in the local art scene. This now successful international artists is represented in galleries throughout, Great Britain, Canada and the USA.  Maya Eventov doesn’t just paint with her hands; she paints with her entire being.  Her acrylic paintings instantly recognizable are uniquely sculpted, using a palette knife technique. The paint rises from the canvas like a sculpture creating a window to her vision.



Known for her birch tree series and florals Maya connects the viewer to nature.  Her abstracts and portraits demonstrate another side of her creativity.  Her colors are alive, exploding onto the canvases channeling her love and passion. This is a rare opportunity to meet Maya and purchase something from her latest collection.

For further information, please contact Linda Gagliostro @727-725-1808 or [email protected]

Fire Up Your Holiday !

Fire Up Your Holidays

Syd Entel Galleries and Susan Benjamin Glass at 247 Main Street in Safety Harbor Presents their annual Holiday Show!

Opening Reception Saturday November 19th 4-7PM

This Holiday season the gallery is all Fired Up with exciting, creative hand-blown glass works by newly found and favorite artists. Join us for a festive evening and come shop for extraordinary holidays gifts of fine art, blown glass and artful jewelry. The show is open to the public. Below is just a sample of the artwork available! For further information, please contact Linda Gagliostro @727-725-1808 or [email protected]

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