Suzanne Barton

“I am an emotionally intuitive photographer, with an artistic eye that responds to color, design, and movement. A new emotional resonance is uncovered by every movement I capture underwater.” – Suzanne Barton

My preferential interest, as an artist, is creativity through Photographic Art. Although I am looking through a lens, it is what I see “intuitively” that controls the “decisive moment” of the shutter release. I am an “old school photographer” who has embraced the digital era and its tools to create unique combinations of color, design, and imagination!

My Tiny Dancer Underwater Art Series began as a yearning to experience the depth, serenity, and energy of the underwater locale”. The grace and fluidity of movement, the soothing quiet and calm beneath the surface, along with the weightless suspension, as my subject floated to the surface, left me transformed. I witnessed the perfect communion between a dancer’s heart and the “inspirational wisdom of water:” “Water takes the form in which it is held and moves in the path of least resistance.”

Water is vital to life as we know it – without it, no life exists. It supports us in the womb, it energizes, purifies, and cleanses. It symbolizes life, clarity, growth, illumination, and transformation. I celebrate its beauty as a gentle reminder to all, that WE are the caretakers of this precious life force.

The “Tiny Dancer” Series is committed to Aluminum by Archival Dye-Sublimation which is then hand-embellished with reflective materials and resin to bring the pieces to life.

I hope my art brings joy to your senses and leaves you transformed as well!