Lisa Schuster

Born in 1962 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Lisa England Schuster has become of the leading floral abstract artists in the country. Lisa is mostly a self-taught artist who mastered her craft while pioneering her family’s art-publishing business, a venture based upon research for her MBA from Xavier University in Cincinnati. Her graduation project, designing a business model incorporating all the curriculums, inspired her art-publishing business. Though she had never painted a picture in her life by age 28, after working with the artist she had employed for years, she realized that painting was actually her calling. She soon quit her ‘desk job’ at the company and eventually became their primary artist, subsequently creating hundreds of published works. After almost a decade of this Lisa decided to create her own art, independent of market trends and sales projections and all the things that, in her mind, zapped the energy right out of art.  She opened a gallery/working studio in 2006 with the intention of selling the wide collection of originals she had amassed (the company had only sold prints and reproductions) and to develop her own art. It was then and there that her signature style of bright, loose and wild, large format, abstract and floral oil paintings on copper and aluminum emerged.

Lisa studied in Florence, Italy, at The Angel Art Academy, the Toledo Art Museum and at the Cincinnati Art Academy.

Lisa is a repeat winner at Art Designers Consultant’s annual Art Comes Alive international competition, winning multiple awards for Floral Artist of the Year. She has been featured in national and local publications including the Winter 2015/16 edition of Art Business News, the Fall 2016 edition of Polly Magazine and multiple articles in Venue Magazine, Cincinnati. Lisa’s work is found in numerous private, public and corporate collections across the United States and abroad.  She currently lives and paints in Daytona Beach, Florida and Cincinnati.

Art by Lisa Schuster
Landscapes by Lisa Schuster Art
Monique Bay
Ajoitre 300
Ajoitre 300
Cepheus 47 x 71
Charlotte 35 x 47
Clair 35 x 47
Deanna 35 x 47
Ferdinand 35 x 47
Isabella 47 x 59
Jacquier 35 x 47
Lolabellita 35 x 47
Lyra 47 x 71
Paragonda III 34 x 470
Pegasus 35 x 47
Sadatoni 47 x 33
Shaula 23 x 47
Tchou petit 33 x 47
Vermiel 23 x 47
Columbaron 35 x 58
Cottilliat 35 x 47
Eglandostre 35 x 47
Junella 23 x 23
Junestra 23 x 23
Magistral 35 x 47