Jennifer Nauck

When I became a full-time glassblower, I focused on craftsmanship, honing my skills producing others’ designs, as well as my own original designs, in large quantity, in front of tourists. By 2010 I was making a living entirely by
producing my own designs (vases, bowls, platters, and small sculpture), pursuing gallery representation, and selling at art shows during the summer. The work was popular and marketable, but I knew it was not the pinnacle of which I was capable. A critical shift occurred in 2014 when I began working on a technique of my own creation: larger-scale sculpture made entirely of smaller blown bubbles that are either fused or joined hot.

Though the work is still in its infancy, through it I’m exploring the concepts of the individual in society, the many that make up the whole, the fragility of the whole, and its dependence on the strength of the individual.