Jennifer Box

Jennifer Box started dancing at the age of five. She trained under the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater then received her Bachelor and Masters Degree from New York University in Dance Education and Nonprofit Administration. During her years as a Modern and West African dancer in New York City she performed, choreographed, and created some of her own costuming. In 2006 Jennifer married Kevin Box in Santa Fe, New Mexico and soon they began working together.

Their first collaboration was “Isadora’s Dress” inspired by Jennifer’s long passion for dance. Kevin was working on creating a “reclining nude” and asked Jennifer’s opinion view on the piece. She saw a dancer! Jennifer took the reclining figure and stood her up and she connected it with the pioneer modern dancer Isadora Duncan (who was a self-styled revolutionary artist and had as one of her characteristics her flare costumes and dresses incorporated into her movements and expressions). They named the piece “Isadora’s Dress”. The entire edition was sold out in two years so this immediately made Kevin invite Jennifer back into the studio.