Precious planets, sparkling stars, weightless interstellar bubbles… Welcome to Barbara Cieslicki Jewelry! Bubbles that enhance your personal statement… Baubles that make you look great and feel even better. I designed this elegant, modernist jewelry under the New Hampshire stars. I make these “gems” from the prosaic material Lucite. Sophisticated, state of the art technologies and industrial tools modified from their traditional uses are employed to create these celestial wonders.

I then return to my jewelry roots and use traditional jewelry-making techniques such as leafing, metal fabrication, and stone setting to create beautiful, weightless jewelry. Throughout my career, my jewelry has always been about the effective, wonderful adornment of you, the wearer. My goal has always been to create – what you’ll wear… every day, what they’ll notice… every time. And, finally, since no great thing is made by an individual alone, I want to recognize and commend the hard work, ingenuity, high quality craftsmanship, and dedication of my team of American artisans. My commitment to American workmanship is unshakeable.