Alessandra Cola

By Allessandro Cola
Sun 47 X 47


Artist Statement

I was born in Rome, Italy on December 8, 1966.  My predisposition to art manifested itself at a young age.
I’m self-taught and as such my work is not influenced technically, stylistically. Art feeds my soul so it is natural that I paint feverishly every day. My job is very easy for me. I use my imagination mixing it with color and my natural capacity of building a sensation through my art.
While I´m painting, I don´t think in the painting itself; I think about my life, my ideas and my thoughts about the world.
I have found my own way to communicate with the world that surrounds me.
I don’t need to look for inspiration because I don’t look for any transcendental; I´m myself…free!
My art is constant transition through exaggeration, writing everything; with the poems I love the most.
I’m currently working on my artistic production in a small community in the Costa Rican Pacific coast called Playas del Coco in the Guanacaste province.

By Alessandra Cola
Couple 47 x 47
By Alessandra Cola
Piano 32 X 38
By Alessandra Cola
Face 26 X 47