Susan Freda

Susan FredaTalarium Fila Spun Ballet



Transparency, form, and flowing line, the play of cast shadows and light on a wall, sparkling, subtle states of being that invoke intimate, emotive responses. I imbue my pieces with an ephemeral presence and ability to catch and hold light and form.  Created from hand woven wire and glass, these pieces envelope viewers in a seductive, entranced space. Their transparent and intricate forms and jewel-like nature are unapologetic in their beauty.

I am inspired by numerous varied sources, some of which include: Giacometti’s stretched and elongated figures, Judi Pfaff’s installations and deft use of material; and the sculptures of Anish Kapoor. My work explores the transient, poetic, and ephemeral experiences of our world—intimacy, emotion, and reflection, and offers a space for their consideration.