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Dan Goad
Dan Goad, who was born in 1952 and raised in California, is a self-taught
naturalist and artist, who since childhood has been a close and fascinated
student of birds and other wildlife.  Goad lived in the ancient Indonesian
Kingdom of Bali for four years, which has had a major influence on his
work.  Dan calls birds "natures most eloquent expression."

As an internationally acclaimed artist, Dan Goad, along with Andy Warhol
and Jasper Johns, was commissioned by President and Nancy Reagan to
add to The White House Art Collection at the Smithsonian.  His work is
also featured in many private and corporate collections throughout the
world and has appeared on the covers of local, national and international
publications.  His work has also appeared on the popular television
program 60 minutes.  To add to his credits, Goad's work has been the
recipient of the 1990 International Silk Screen Association Award.

Dan lives with his wife on a small Island off the coast of Georgia, from
where he ventures out into some of the Country's major estuaries,
sloughs and other wetlands.  Being able to transform what he has seen
with all its beauty is truly a rare talent which only Goad offers in his
wildlife works.
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Goad's art work.